Rei has successfully treated

- Depression and anxiety

- ADHD and other mental health

issues in children

- Adolescent/pre-adolescent issues

- Grief and loss

- Prenatal and Postpartum depression and anxiety 

- Life transitions, aging and end of life issues

- Immigrant families and cross-cultural issues

- Family and relationship conflicts

- Trauma and PTSD

Hello and welcome.

I provide individual, couple and family therapy for all ages. My training includes holistic, somatic and mindful approaches, Yoga, Essential oils, Expressive art therapy, Positive psychology, CBT, Narrative therapy, Psychodynamic therapy,  Family system therapy, and Play therapy. I utilize various therapeutic modalities to fit your goal and individual needs. I am also a certified yoga teacher and utilize breathing techniques and gentle body movement to help you deepen your body and mind connection. 

Another unique aspect of my practice is offering aromatherapy. I have an aromatherapy diploma and love to incorporate essential oils in my treatment. 

I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you uncover negative beliefs that carried to present time. I support your healing journey to regain your power and find your way back to loving self.


I am also passionate about increasing awareness in ‘light workers' (indigo, crystal and rainbow children), HSP (highly sensitive person), and 'empath' who are gifited and intuitively feel other people's emotions and naturally compassionate, giving and spiritually attuned. Because of their special gift, they are highly sensitive and often misunderstood and confused in the current society.

If you are a parent who thinks your child is a light worker/HSP/empath and confused about living in this world, help is here for you. I use appropriate language to work with children to uncover their special life purposes to help them embrace their unique gift.