About Rei

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Rei is a licensed marriage family therapist in California and specializes in working with adults, children and families. 

Rei is very passionate about guiding people to where they are supposed to be. She is a strong believer of "we all have the ability to heal ourselves".  Rei believes creating therapeutic rapport with clients is the key to success in therapy. She works closely with each client and supports their own healing process in a gentle and non-judgmental way.

Rei is originally from Japan and is bilingual in English and Japanese. She completed a Master's Degree in Psychology from Golden Gate University in 2009. Rei has 11 years of experience in providing psychotherapy and case management to individuals, children, and families dealing with various mental health issues. Rei has developed a unique style of combining Eastern alternative healing methods and Western therapy modalities. Rei also works with clients with cross-cultural and identity issues.